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Solid Wood Rustic Style Shoe Storage Bench & Shelving

Solid Wood Rustic Style Shoe Storage Bench & Shelving

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Hallways can get cluttered and the last thing we want is for your immediate attention to be drawn to some unorganised shoes that are littered across the floor like a jumble sale. Luckily, we have you covered. At Cotswold Rustic, we know that having a place to store you items is very important but that place must match aesthetic of your other furniture and this is exactly why we have designed and handcrafted this solid wood Shoe Storage Bench with integrated shelving.

Not only does this double up as shoe storage and shelving conveniently placed by your front or back door, it gives you a perfect height seat to help you slip on your shoes before leaving the house. The compact depth allows you to neatly place this against a wall or in an alcove without intruding into a walkway.

Much like our other Cotswold Rustic bespoke wooden products, we have constructed these from high quality, sustainable wood available in multiple finishes to give a beautifully rustic aesthetic suitable for any home.

What We Build With

The timber we use for all of our furniture is FSC sustainably sourced kiln dried Scandinavian pine. The appearance of timber will vary from piece to piece, i.e., grain structure, knots, missing knots, checks, cracks, splits, machining marks etc. These marks are intentional, are part of the timber’s characteristics, and do not affect the structure.

We finish our timber in Fiddes hard wax oil which is hard wearing, and water and stain resistant. The oil will react differently to each piece of timber meaning colours may vary. Colours will also vary slightly from items in our listings and can appear different under certain lighting. We recommend that you see colour samples before placing your order.

Shipping & Returns

We provide nationwide delivery. When at the checkout, please ensure you add your contact number and email address for us to arrange a suitable delivery time. For full details, read our Delivery & Lead Times and Terms & Conditions

How To Care

For detailed information taking care of your Cotswold Rustic, solid wood furniture, check out our Care Guide which explains some of our take care's, watch out's and some recommendations to get the best out of your beloved item!

Things To Consider

This is a natural wood product and is very different to wooden furniture that you will find in high street shops, which is usually made from engineered wood.

Engineered wood doesn’t react to its environment in the same way as natural timber. The timber we use may move as it reaches equilibrium with its environment. By this we mean the moisture content in this timber has got to SLOWLY match the moisture content in your house. (E.g., the moisture content in our workshop is 10%, and the moisture content in a centrally heated house is roughly 5%).

This may cause the timber to deflect marginally from being straight and square; all part of the charm of a natural wood product. For tips on how to slow down the equalisation process, and minimise its effects, please refer to our Care Guide.

Please allow up to 10mm in variation in length and width of our tables and benches.

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