How To Care For Your Furniture

When cleaning your solid wood furniture, we recommend using a lint free cloth and warm water. Once clean, we recommend drying the surface thoroughly. We advise against using harsh cleaning products as these may break down the finish on your furniture and potentially cause irreversible damage. If you prefer to use a product to clean, we recommend ‘Fiddes wood surface cleaner’ available direct from Fiddes. Food and drink spillages should be cleaned up quickly to prevent any staining.

Keep your furniture away from direct heat sources such as radiators, heating flooring and in direct sunlight. Placing your solid wood furniture in close proximity of heat sources can cause the fibres in the wood to shrink at a much faster rate than usual. This can lead to splits/cracks in your furniture. If your table is in direct sunlight we strongly suggest keeping blinds/curtains drawn. Direct sunlight on your furniture for long periods of time can also cause discolouration. If you are planning on placing your furniture in a conservatory please get in touch before placing your order.

We recommend that place mats and coasters are used, especially when placing hot plates/dishes and cold drinks on your dining table. Damage caused from placing hot pans, plates or dishes is likely to be irreversible. Placing cold drink’s directly on to your furniture can wear away the finish and cause irreversible water damage.