Pledge To Sustainability

At Cotswold Rustic, we make all of our products with the environment in mind.

For this exact reason, we ensure that all the materials that we use to create our bespoke solid wood products have been sourced and harvested responsibly from carefully maintained and well managed forests. These efforts ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding woodland and wildlife, carefully preserving the eco-system that we all knowingly love, meaning that we can provide for future generations. So not just us, but so that even our Cotswold Rustic children can enjoy!

The beauty of investing in our solid wood products, is that wood is naturally biodegradable, ever recyclable and renewable which ensures we maintain a low impact approach on the environment.

All of our wood is sourced from a local company committed and aligned to our sustainability pledge, conforming to the FSC standards from meticulously managed forests! This means you can enjoy our beautiful furniture guilt free knowing that you are investing in products that give back to the environment!